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PALCE22V10H-15PC/4 datasheet pdf datenblatt

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Ic PALCE22V10H-15PC/4

Advanced BBAR (Broad-BandAnti-Reflection) coating broadband technology can improve the adoption of short and IC PALCE22V10H-15PC/4 and long waves, effectively reducing the harm caused by reflection. In addition, the inner surface of the coating (adhesive layer lens coating) technology to further improve color reproduction performance, get the best color balance.

PALCE22V10H-15PC/4 Suppliers

Nokia 7100s a slider design, and PALCE22V10H-15PC/4 Suppliers and on the overall design is very similar to before the 7610s, but the internal configuration than the 7610s to the low end a lot. 7100s measurements for the 98 × 48.4 × 15 mm, 103 grams of weight to this slider left and right model has a good feel. Body paint and keys piano arrangement of the interface is also very good, maintaining a consistent feature of Nokia.

PALCE22V10H-15PC/4 Price

Very low energy consumption during standby machine, standby time can be staggering 150 hours, charging inconvenient for regular business people out there a great advantage. Strong battery life, talk time can be close to 6 hours, less frequent charging, to avoid the charge led to forget the embarrassment can not be used.

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