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May 18, in Beijing, "Fortune" Global Forum, the Chinese Ministry of Information Industry Wang Xudong, minister of the parties widely on issues of concern to commitment to 3G: China will provide 3G technology by 2008. Wang Xudong said Chinas 3G development depends on degree of technological development and IC PBL3771 and market development, the states choice of 3G technology is the "self-selection by the rules of the market." The Chinese government will "actively and pragmatically" to timely follow-up global R & D towards 3G, and vigorously carry out independent research and development work. Ministry of Information Industry of China back in March it said that this year will study and formulate special plan for the development of 3G industry, and put forward policy recommendations. Chinas technical standards will be the key to the current 3G technology standards, there is Chinas TD-SCDMA, WCDMA in Europe and the United States three standard CDMA2000. As the technology matures and standards, the industry speculated that the Chinese government is expected to more than 2006 introduced 3G policy.

PBL3771 Suppliers

has long been aware of the relevant departments to deal with electronic waste will be free to cause serious pollution to the environment, in order to reduce electronic waste pollution of the environment, the departments have developed a series of related laws and PBL3771 Suppliers and regulations. Such as "Solid Waste Pollution Prevention Law," "Cleaner Production Promotion Law", but on the electronic waste recycling for electronic waste in the rational use of resources related to the content a little, and there is no complete matching rules. Although, as early as 2004, the National Development and Reform Commission drafted Guoneishoubu "waste electrical and electronic products recycling regulations," the draft, but the Ordinance has been "difficult birth." It is precisely because of e-waste recycling policy is not clear, even if the e-waste recycling profitable, but most domestic enterprises to e-waste recycling industry has maintained a wait and see attitude. To really make an effective electronic waste recycling, treatment, urgent need to speed up relevant legislation.

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Singapore, compared to the broad definition of privatization, reduction of government holding from 100% for the absolute control of the relative holding, shares or withdraw, are called privatization . It has served as Assistant Vice President of Temaseks Li Zhiliang post introduced in 1985, Singapore has introduced the privatization program, for which the industry out, how to exit a phased withdrawal, returned to the foreign or domestic, etc., are very complete transparent strategic planning.

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