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Ic PC716

Socket AM2 consists of three core components: Manilla, Orelans and IC PC716 and Windsor. Support built-in DDR2 memory controller general, the minimum Latency is CL3. Provide up to DDR2667 memory DualChannel technology. Upgrade from the 200MHz HTT speed to 333MHz. Their frequency and different places only secondary cache.

PC716 Suppliers

Fujitsu as a leader in digital television, high-definition very early into the direction of research and PC716 Suppliers and development, and introduced a variety of HD products and solutions that can support 720p and 1080p and other formats. In the digital TV front-end, Fujitsu can provide full HD MPEG-2/H.264 encoder, transcoder chip products and solutions, MB86H5x series has been adopted by domestic and foreign equipment manufacturers, and the promotion of commercial products; in receiving terminals, Fujitsu can provide full high-definition, two-way interactive set-top box / one machine solution, MB86H6x decoder chip family, has been widely used in terrestrial, satellite, cable broadcasting, security monitoring and IP markets. Stable performance, low power Fujitsu products and solutions consistent characteristics. To help customers meet the rapidly changing market, Fujitsu greatly enhance its services and support to help customers quickly introduce products with stable performance. First, with the direct cooperation of upstream and downstream related businesses, to provide reference for prospective Turnkey solutions to help customers reduce product development cycle; Second, localization and field engineering support services to help customers quickly locate the problem.

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However, if YankeeGroup new forecast is correct, then the slowdown will not last long. Soon the market will stimulate the next generation of mobile services in Asia will be sprouting in other parts of the world. Putcha said, "replace the mobile phone handset sales currently account for approximately 57% of total sales, but by 2005 the rapid growth of the total mobile phone sales to occupy about 82 %."

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