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Ic PC74HC04T

Feile Audio-Visual The main object is the acquisition of 70% stake in San Lanna Co., St. à for the automotive industry's main products LED lights, automobile factories, Department of supporting parts, over the years with many cars OEMs have had good cooperation and IC PC74HC04T and has formed a significant number of car LED lighting products and a stable customer base.

PC74HC04T Suppliers

As for the polysilicon industry, Chinas raw material advantage will also enable foreign-funded enterprises with advanced technology to stay ahead of the competition. Investment Advisor in the latest release of "2009-2012 China Silicon Metal Market Investment Analysis and PC74HC04T Suppliers and Forecast Report" shows that China is the origin of the worlds leading silicon metal, silicon metal production in China in 2007 to 95-100 million tons in 2006 Chinese silicon metal production was 75-80 tons. In the 21st century, Chinas industrial production and exports of silicon has maintained a rapid growth rate. In 2001, China exported 322,400 tons of industrial silicon, in 2002 387,400 tons in 2003 to reach 479,000 tons in 2004 to exceed 50 million tons to 545,100 tons in 2005, essentially flat with 2004, to 536,100 tons. However, to reach 614,000 tons in 2006 compared to 2005 increased by 14.6%; off than the first half of 2006, 2007, an increase of 16.3% over the same period in 2007, annual export reached 698,000 tons of industrial silicon, compared with an increase of 13.8% in 2006. March 1-3, 2008 Chinas production of silicon metal in the 200000-250000 tons, the domestic consumption of 35000-85000 tons, and the rest exported.

PC74HC04T Price

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