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Ic PC97317-ICK/VUL

press today from the Ministry of Industry was informed at the press conference, "Organic light emitting display materials, devices and IC PC97317-ICK/VUL and industry" and other good prospects for the seven industry technical inventions of Information Industry has selected a major technology in 2009 invention.

PC97317-ICK/VUL Suppliers

View of the Asian Games event tickets are limited, purchase tickets for events sent to the Asian Games to the principle of first come first served, while supplies will be re-sent after the other small gift. Have purchased tickets for the Games of the users, can purchase tickets when you get the appropriate amount of benefits.

PC97317-ICK/VUL Price

R & Ss latest R & SFSU67, the upper limit of the spectrum analyzer frequency extension from 50GHz to 67GHz, without external harmonic mixer. Due to continuous from 20Hz to 67GHz frequency range, R & SFSU67 harmonic measurements can be at once without having to change settings. R & SFSU67 also has some excellent properties, such as high accuracy, no excess product, and PC97317-ICK/VUL Price and excellent RF performance. These features are in development and production of microwave components is especially useful, for example oscillator, 52GHz or 58GHz frequency range of short-range microwave link, 60GHz-band wireless local transmission system and the application of air defense. Previously, the spectrum measured above 50GHz signal the need to increase the external harmonic mixer, and the results need to be user modified, the need to identify and remove from the mixer into the higher response signal. Use of R & SFSU67 spectrum analyzer, you can complete a scan in the range from 20Hz to 67GHz measurement of the harmonics or spurious, without the need for an external mixer. This solution is unique in the industry, which not only simplifies test setup and operation, and no longer require external components and the corresponding cables, which from the beginning to eliminate the potential for error and improve the measurement accuracy. And the need for external test set compared to the mixer, R & SFSU67 can also set the high reference level, to support a wider level range. R & SFSU67 Spectrum Analyzer R & SFSU with other family members of the same excellent RF performance, its the noise floor as low as-152dBm (1Hz-bandwidth, 2GHz) and-130dBm (1Hz-bandwidth, 67GHz). It also provides a lot of filter characteristics to choose from, the resolution bandwidth from 1Hz to 50MHz, and comprehensive measurement functions, including the precise wideband signal power measurement. R & Ss high-end spectrum analyzer R & SFSU67 now available.

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