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LGKM900e uses a newly developed S-Class3D user interface features three-dimensional cube to show the design concept called the mobile phone menu, the history of a major undertaking. Not only that, the main menu of each icon were able to slip under the left and IC PCI1520GHK and right at your fingertips "Dancing," as if the vivid form of an injection of energy for the cell phone, and really eliminating the need to switch back and forth between the different time of the menu. The use of gravity sensing, all the time when the phone horizontally placed also supports full-screen tiled display the icon, the user at a glance.

PCI1520GHK Suppliers

he industry that the current supply of touch-related needs are still not keep up with the pace of growth, so the revenue performance of the firms still have the opportunity to grow month by month. Relative to the 2D visual effects, 3D visual feast more consumer expectations, it brings a more human interface and PCI1520GHK Suppliers and easier to use the touch method.

PCI1520GHK Price

Today's Mp4 player all kinds of shape can be described as the design is very fancy, but the player interface is often neglected part of an idea when holding a large screen mp4 music or video into the menu options, each time interface to face a stereotyped, over time people fatigue. Philips SA054 recently introduced a high-definition MP4, support HD playback, it is also integrated into the video playback capabilities in art, this user-friendly feature can display documents as thumbnails, so that player interface is not Monotonous again, the current version of the SA054 4G sells for 699 yuan. Can look like a friend.

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