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now integrated into mobile phones and IC PCI2050PDV and MP3 are generally FM (FM) radio, which is due to high frequency transmission, anti-interference ability, coupled with radio power, therefore, FM technically easier to achieve. Tao Lin told the reporter, the hardest to do is to AM radio (AM) This part, especially the short-wave part of the path are more susceptible to attenuation, time delay, atmospheric noise, multipath, ionospheric fading and other factors, resulting in signal weakening and distortion, the effect of short-wave transmission. The current mobile phone, MP3 and other small volume of consumer electronic products to achieve short-wave function There are certain difficulties, because the wave function needs to achieve a bar magnet, the interference problem is relatively large, MP3 display and other magnets will interfere with the reasons mentioned above AM function in the small size of the product is not easy to implement. For larger products, the larger space can accommodate, and listening to the shortwave ferrite rod antenna needed, therefore, relatively easy to implement.

PCI2050PDV Suppliers

drop in the scarcity of polysilicon supply, the market will quickly move closer to the long single price, pursuant to which we judge the market price of polysilicon in 2009 will decline 50%, while the end of 2010, spot prices will be consistent with the basic and PCI2050PDV Suppliers and long single price. We determine the large-scale polysilicon chemical manufacturing industry as a reasonable margin should be 25%, according to the cost of 40 dollars, 25% gross margin, 17% VAT, the corresponding spot price of about $ 60.

PCI2050PDV Price

Rapid spread of dual-core processors become the product of choice for many consumers installed. Intel and PCI2050PDV Price and AMD camps face of different products, many consumers are hard to break away. AMD price excellent, Core2 attractive large, in the end Xuanshui more appropriate? Here, the author to meet the high-definition audio and video-based users and mainstream gamers, the market for AMD and Intel hot sales of several products, from the processor's performance, with the angle of the platform edge into account, to analyze select Intel appropriate AMD is still more value. Today we focus on the consumer is very concerned about the Core2E4300 and AthlonX24400 these two midrange processors.

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