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Ic PCM1742E

PageNext>company on the ADI Analog Devices, Inc. (referred to as ADI) to bring innovative, performance, and IC PCM1742E and excellence are the cultural pillars on the base of this growth for the technology of the most sustained high-growth companies. ADI is recognized industry-wide data conversion and signal processing technology the worlds leading provider with 60,000 customers around the world, covering all types of electronic equipment manufacturers. 40 years as a leading high-performance analog integrated circuits (IC

PCM1742E Suppliers

ew switch on-resistance DG4612 ADG4613 switches and PCM1742E Suppliers and the main features and benefits: nput is greater than (VDD + VT), the switching off of up to + 16V overvoltage protection capability to support a negative signal as low as-5.5V signal on-resistance: 6.1 ohms; on-resistance flatness: 175 ohms Maximum Dual Supply: ± 3V to ± 5.5V Single Supply: 3V to 12V 3V logic compatible input rail to rail work 16-pin TSSOP (thin shrink small outline package) and 16-pin 3mm × 3mm LFCSP (lead frame chip scale package)

PCM1742E Price

After several years of the World LED manufacturers to cut costs, improve the lighting efficiency of effort, finally came to an unknown but is expected despite large gains in the source markets - and PCM1742E Price and medium-sized LCD panel market with a backlit entrance. Despite just entering the market, but once mass production generated profits to be able to replace the existing CCFL, LED backlight technology to become mainstream in this field. LED is widely used in traffic lights, outdoor billboards, recently used for irradiation from the back of the phone LCD screen, keyboard light. But as notebook computers, televisions and medium-sized LCD with backlight system can not be said in the commercial success has been achieved, because the large-size LCDs backlight requires a lot of LED, the cost to build the system needed to be much higher than CCFL. Optical lens technology in recent years the rapid development, even if less than in the past number of LED, you can maintain the same lighting effect. Therefore, this technical innovation LED backlight system significantly reduces the production costs of manufacturers, opened the access to laptop computers, LCD TV system with backlight market roads. As 12.1 inches, 13.3 inches, 15.4-inch LCD display products on the back of irradiation technology, LED manufacturers is increasing. At present, the medium-sized LCD with LED backlight system, the price is already very close to the CCFL, which is car navigation systems, notebook PCs universal LED technology opens a lot of space.

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