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Ic PCM2702E/2K

Currently, the portable medical electronic equipment market is currently growing at double-digit rates, this trend will continue in the future. Portable electronic equipment can be divided into medical diagnostic equipment, drug delivery devices, personal care products and IC PCM2702E/2K and imaging system part of the four applications, including cholesterol, blood, blood pressure testing, glucose meter, pulse oxygen meter, AED, insulin injection pen, digital hearing aids, CT scanners and X-ray detectors and other products. Among them, the family is expected to account for 50% of diagnostics market, the remaining 50% in imaging products accounted for 25%, other diagnosis or treatment of electronic products accounted for 25%.

PCM2702E/2K Suppliers

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, last year 1 to November, 36.7% of industrial profit has maintained rapid growth, but since the beginning of this year profit growth of industrial enterprises above designated size downward trend has emerged: January-February 2008, the data fell to 16.5% while 1-May rose to 20.9%. The industry also predicted that with the economic slowdown and PCM2702E/2K Suppliers and to control price increases, coupled with rising labor costs factors, corporate profit growth could fall further.

PCM2702E/2K Price

If in 2009 the terminal manufacturers, IC design companies and PCM2702E/2K Price and manufacturers in the 3G terminal is just test the water, then 2010 will be real their shirtless moment. In the past 2009 years, Chinas 3G market is clearly the leading equipment manufacturers, in 2009 the three major network operators are busy building, and licensing in the terminal market is very cautious and did not really open up channels for market. 3G terminal three standards are still one million shipments, according to magazine surveys, a variety of TD terminals shipped about 400 million, including fixed wireless constitute a large proportion; CDMA terminals shipped very close to 3,000 million However, a smaller proportion of them EVDO terminal, shipping is also less than 400 million, and mainly based on data cards; WCDMA terminal shipments in at least three criteria.

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