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Ic PCM3003E/2K

First, the built-in MP3 audio player can play MP3 PEG-N760C, and IC PCM3003E/2K and ATRAC3 audio files. Download music to the desktop, and then save the audio file to the memory stick in, you can use PEG-N760C handheld devices to enjoy music. When the user when using other applications, such as DateBook (Date Book) and AddressBook (address book), can also play music. Using the headset with a remote controller for remote operations such as play, stop and fast forward. JogDial controller can be used to control volume and other audio features. When listening to music, in order to avoid unnecessary power consumption, the user can turn off the LCD display.

PCM3003E/2K Suppliers

large-diameter silicon rods (≥ 12 inches) increase export tax rebate rate from 0 to 13%, the sharpest increase, monocrystalline silicon wafers (≥ 3 inches) and PCM3003E/2K Suppliers and other crystal slices are from 5% to 13%, so the main benefit of the listed company has a research unit of silicon (11.95,0.33,2.84%) (600,206) and the Central share (10.57,0.03,0.28%) (002,129) .

PCM3003E/2K Price

Amoi Electronics announced that with the decline in operating results, the companys liquidity is more nervous, Shanghai research building through the sale of assets, net of taxes due of about 20 million yuan , the company access to about 80 million yuan in cash, access to non-operating profit of 38 million yuan or so.

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