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Director of the Singapore EDB Fang Bingfen electronics industry, told reporters: "While the global economy last year, Singapores GDP of 2% negative growth, but the electronics industry bucked the market trend is still to create the output value of 63.9 billion Singapore dollars, solving the employment population of about 9 million people. "She also said that Singapores GDP this year, the rapid recovery in the first quarter, the cumulative value of the electronics industry rose 70.2%, has become an important economic engine, foreign enterprises have entered and IC PCM69AU and set up branch offices, industrial investment and the introduction of technical personnel has become more frequent, as of now, the worlds top 50 electronics companies will own the well-known research and development center or the Asia-Pacific headquarters relocation to this. igital input channels for multi-voltage and current range, with programmable input threshold and debounce time. Digital output support for high voltage and current drive, with a short circuit, over current and over temperature protection.

PCM69AU Suppliers

Recent GPU Technology Conference (GTC) on, MathWorks announced or by using the Parallel Computing Toolbox MATLAB Distributed Computing Server MATLAB applications to achieve in the provision of the NVIDIA graphics processor (GPU) support. This support will enable engineers and PCM69AU Suppliers and scientists to accelerate the speed of calculation of a variety of MATLAB without having to perform low-level programming.

PCM69AU Price

ow Power Embedded Products Division, Intels Director of Marketing Jonathan Luse said: "The Intel Atom processor E6xx series has a higher level of integration, its open interface for automotive infotainment systems customized development easier. Used in conjunction with the IOH, for example, STMicroelectronics ConneXt, allow our automotive customers to quickly develop a robust hardware platform to increase the attractive vehicle applications and PCM69AU Price and services. "

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