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Time Man core company was established in 2005, with strong technical foundation of space micro-electronics, is committed to high-end microelectronic product design and IC PCM75JG and development, has been formed to Beijing as Center, Xian branch as the basis, the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River, focusing on coverage of the market system, has launched more than ten series and hundreds of products. Zhaoyuan Fu said that the current era of China has three main core, one digital circuit, analog circuit and mixed-signal circuits in product development, in 8-bit / 32-bit MCU as the core of the SOvvC, high modulus / DAC, multi-mode chipsets compatible with satellite navigation, low-power circuits, RF circuits, power management circuit design with core technologies and successfully developed five series of products; Second, packaging and testing center has a complete line of high-quality cavity device packaging , can be ceramic shell, metal and other packaging and hybrid circuit assembly, package design, and MPW can provide OEM service, is in Beijing Science and Technology Commission of the multi-species, small quantities of IC package fast verification platform, and in testing, reliability test evaluation and effectiveness analysis, DPA has a wealth of experience; three times the public has a 4-inch core, 0.5um, produce 5000 of the silicon microwave power devices and MEMS device development and production lines, with special device R & D and production capacity . According to Zhao Yuanfu introduction, people-core era with the Shanghai Zhangjiang Science Park will coordinate the establishment of e-Research Institute, the package will be the future focus on the development of SIM card package directions; the same time, special devices for the production line, times the core people in the independent development of MEMS sensors the bulk silicon, silicon surface processing technology of silicon and compound, 6-inch MEMS production line plans are to apply in future efforts to build the basis of advanced MEMS Foundry platforms.

PCM75JG Suppliers

Digi International Global Sales and PCM75JG Suppliers and Marketing Larry Kraft, senior vice president, said: "ConnectPort X3 is a tool for monitoring and management of smart meters, storage tanks, security, embedded variable message boards and other boards and low-cost solution for remote device. "Larry said:" The lower price point and flexibility of the device interface led to a new set of remote asset monitoring applications ."

PCM75JG Price

Closest focusing distance: at any focal length, and PCM75JG Price and is set to AF, Closest focusing distance of 2m; set to manual focus, the closest focusing distance of 1.95m The lens on the whole, with the current mainstream 18-50OS lens similar to the size measurements to the 83.5mm ×, more portable size.

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