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Ic PEF22822FV2.2

However, the Taiwan-based manufacturers, the immediate worries, Samsung and IC PEF22822FV2.2 and Hynixs 56nm and 54nm manufacturing process is about to enter mass production, to the first 3 quarters time, equivalent to Taiwan-based manufacturers to the cost of 70nm, and Samsung and Hynixs 50nm rally, those in the 2 to 1 times the cost of the gap under the Ji Dan Peng Shi Tou tantamount to 1Gb DDR2 capacity point of view, Samsung and Hynixs 50nm generation, almost $ 1 more you can profit in terms of Taiwan plant, can be said of pressure.

PEF22822FV2.2 Suppliers

So once heard before, including Hynix and PEF22822FV2.2 Suppliers and Elpida and other manufacturers, the internal switch to 60nm for the 70nm generation, or jump directly to 50nm, noise does not dispute less. Hynix was also before the promos to give you money to buy a 66nm process, but the promos internal evaluation, 66nm is a transitional process, and need to spend money on machinery and equipment investment, quite worthwhile, so to find it on ProMOS, Elpida negotiations.

PEF22822FV2.2 Price

memory, industry analysis, 60nm is a very awkward process, the transitional nature of the means strong, as compared with the 70nm and PEF22822FV2.2 Price and 60nm, cost reduction of only about 30 ~ 40%, but a lot of money to invest in machinery and equipment, in the gap between investment and the recovery is not large, then if the jump from 70nm 50nm process, costs can be reduced at least 1 times, very competitive.

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