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Ic PEF24901HV2.2

5-6 September 2009, the summer weekend two-day product experience at Sony in 2009, No. 1018 Changning Road in Shanghai Renaissance Shanghai Zhongshan Hotel 10F held. Admission for visitors to experience at any time. In addition, for experienced users, Sony also has a lecture on aspects of experience, visitors need to be there on time. Two afternoons are equipped with "α product knowledge seminars, Sony home theater audio experience."

PEF24901HV2.2 Suppliers

Da-Qing Chen is not recommended more than 3W high power LED light source as street lighting. Reason is that high-power LED must be accompanied by the formation of high current, high current lead to large heat, an increase of bad light. He told the audience that "there are several companies producing domestic high-power integrated module of the luminous efficiency has been achieved 130Lm / W or more, the highest close to 150Lm / W, and PEF24901HV2.2 Suppliers and temperature control in the 50 ℃. In the second half, to 160Lm / W These are indisputable. "

PEF24901HV2.2 Price

Following the PCB market recovery since 2003, followed by three years of continuous strong expansion At present, PCB market has exceeded the peak time of the year 2000. In 2005, the 340 PCB manufacturers sales revenue of 76.212 billion yuan, an increase of 39.01%; to achieve a total profit of 5.465 billion yuan, an increase of up to 67.89%; exports of $ 5,338,000,000, an increase of 39.72%.

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