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The main advantage of a one-way coupler transmission signal , the input and IC PGA309AIPWT and output side the full realization of the electrical isolation, anti-interference ability, long life, high transmission efficiency. It is widely used for level shifting, signal isolation, isolation level, switching circuits, long-distance signal transmission, pulse amplification, solid state relays (SSR), instrumentation, communications equipment and computer interfaces. In the switching power supply, may constitute a linear optocoupler optocoupler feedback circuit, by adjusting the control side to change the current duty cycle to achieve precise regulation purposes.

PGA309AIPWT Suppliers

"Feature Intel chips complexity, the degree of integration, high degree of production process, chip sales is unmatched by other companies." Despite the tremendous pressure, but it seems ARMY , there is no second company like Intel can provide room for growth for the technology.


ashing machine technology can power the load identification can be able to remote control a washing machine running SMS, you can make clothes, "told the" washing machine on water temperature, water, detergent, washing strength requirements, etc. - Little Swan 2010 launched the first in the world of things washing machine, and PGA309AIPWT Price and take the lead in the application environment is relatively mature U.S. market, which is currently the only truly global things into the washing machine commercial applications. Up to now, Little Swan introduced a new washing machine of things accumulated production of over million and has been exported, this year will form a large-scale sales.

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