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Ic PIC16F648A-I/SS

iangsu Kai Yu Lu Wei Electronics Co., Ltd. recently completed the 0.18-micron CMOS manufacturing process using high-frequency X-RFID chip series pilot, reliability, validation and IC PIC16F648A-I/SS and user authentication, etc., is about to enter mass production. In the industry, Kai Luwei electronic with no small fame, is the professional practice of automatic identification technology base, Chinas vice president of RFID Industry Alliance units, but also high-tech anti-counterfeiting technology in China R & D base wine. Kai Luwei quickly developed, leading talents played a crucial role. Dr. Peng Zezhong returnees led by the development of R & D team in the development of high-frequency chip that has the international leading level, the product has received the "Award of China Annual Innovation Award RFID", "Chinas RFID Industry Award for the top ten most influential product "," the outstanding achievements of the State Golden Card Project Innovation Award Golden Ant. "

PIC16F648A-I/SS Suppliers

But a mobile phone, it has 5.0 inches touch screen, supports WIFI, GPS, gravity sensing and PIC16F648A-I/SS Suppliers and other functions. It can move the office, you can watch HD movies, but also wireless Internet access ... ... It is a smart phone expert Qi based company launched SmartbookU1000, the retail price is 2280 yuan, the market is hot.

PIC16F648A-I/SS Price

AIC as the latest masterpiece of the world's largest, Sautter this GTS250-512D3F1 in terms of packaging or product appearance strongly demonstrate the distinctive elegance. G94-421-B1 core specifications I believe we have been familiar with, the real worth noting that the product mix of the eight 0.8nsGDDR3 memory particles, composed of 512M/256Bit memory specifications. Compared AMDHD4850 of GDDR4 graphics memory used 0.8ns terms, GDR3 delay smaller internal memory, the same frequency of 2200MHz of memory, GDR3 particles faster than GDR4 5%! Excellent memory specifications in the current GTS250 second to none! more easily wiped out with the unique HD4850 family !

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