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Ic PIC18F248-I/SP

[Product Name] LGKC910 [Reference price] 1780 yuan [sales phone] Beijing 010-82699609/13391885767 [Buy address] Ding Hao Building, Zhongguancun, Haidian District, basement addition to camera phone B1026

PIC18F248-I/SP Suppliers

Issued under this HD4770 graphics card before following the process for 40mn die yield issues, the domestic firms have burst some time ago a new core on the AMD message. He is the last lot of heated discussions of the HD4860. According to our family of 4 in our hands roadmap, this product is not the original plan of AMD products, and PIC18F248-I/SP Suppliers and more specifically, this core will only be sold in the domestic supply is not available on the world, is an out special care. So how this kind of special care products, some of the specifications? We might look one by one. In fact, we see here is easy to see, HD4860 will be very close to the position and replace the original RadeonHD4850 RadeonHD4870 pricing position.

PIC18F248-I/SP Price

U.S. local time on July 3 (Beijing time on July 4), according to foreign media reports, Matsushita said on Sunday the local chip plant in Japan has launched a voluntary retirement scheme. Local newspaper estimated that 1,000 employees will therefore leave.

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