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Ic PLA160

3Sun plant in Sicily, the initial annual production capacity equivalent to 160MW, construction funds from three sources: self-financing, joint economic planning ministries, Italy (CIPE) provided funding and IC PLA160 and project financing the big banks, including the recent CIPE has allocated 49 million euros. As published in January this year, each joint venture partner joint venture are one-third of the subscription rights, committed 70 million euros in cash, or tangible or intangible assets, the new joint venture with a third of the shares.

PLA160 Suppliers

Disassembled not only see the number of air welding position, but also find the latest firmware version 02HA. The firmware can support the improvement of solid-state hard drive under Windows7 lasting durability TRIM technology, but also improves write performance, but has been found defective, will lead to solid-state hard drive upgrade is not available, do not know Kingston is how to solve this product , and PLA160 Suppliers and CrystalDiskInfo3.1.0 tests showed TRIM technology is not supported.

PLA160 Price

This huge Chinese market, profit margins, domestic and PLA160 Price and foreign lighting giant quietly began to be locked. However, there will also be involved in this market, high risk. The cost of a high current LED product has become a presence in all sectors want to pre-empt the key R & D investment, many people in the industry in 2010 will be a test of the strength of LED lighting, an important year for venture capital. Who should occupy the high ground, who will have the most extensive market.

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