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Ic PM20CSJ060

"We already have a very good DEMO, customers do not believe you can actually see a single layer of ITO to eliminate ghosting." KenLee said, " Our controller is already optimized to support single-layer ITO, but it also can or three of the ITO on the second floor, and IC PM20CSJ060 and therefore we can service a variety of users, you can save about 20-30% of re- costs. "He said it is doing Leadis more subtle fine-tuning optimization, in order to allow users to fine-tuning easier, is expected early next year to be able to show you the commercialization of the product. "The whole system BOM costs will decrease $ 10." He predicts.

PM20CSJ060 Suppliers

in the recent "Ministry of Education, Science and PM20CSJ060 Suppliers and Technology of Guangdong Province results exhibition Combination", the Guangdong provincial party secretary Wang Yang informed of high-power LED lights in the high-pressure sodium than regular 60% lamp power information, the proposed energy-saving LED manufacturers co-founded the company, the savings in electricity into a few. This proposal not only to Guangdong Province, the next step in LED industry alliance focused work in the right direction, and from the perspective of the entire LED industry chain with a keen eye to capture a new business opportunities, market competition to solve the bottleneck is a "golden key". Li Xuliang told reporters: "Guangdong LED Industry Alliance will soon come up short as soon as possible and the specific implementation plan, Guangdong Province, saving LED industry set up a joint stock company is about to emerge." LED industry set up a joint energy conservation company, further deepen the meaning of the Industrial Union, so that each LED is heating companies jointly profit, I believe this this winter, not in terms of the LED industry, "deepest winter", but "warm winter sun."

PM20CSJ060 Price

n short, Germanys market capacity is limited, the development of photovoltaic industry can not continue indefinitely. Once the weaker demand in Germany, the United States and PM20CSJ060 Price and Chinas market has not really started, when a large PV manufacturers in China will likely face big trouble.

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