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"Our goal is to optimize the system, only a layer of ITO, reduce noise, do not need custom firmware, middle, accelerated time to market. In addition ITO reduced level of light transmission and IC PM5363-BI and better, this is a very welcome touch pad manufacturers do, so you can choose a cheaper cost of the screen. "KenLee said," Of course, this is a very challenging technology. monolayer ITO Sometimes with the X, Y axis have different resolution, but our products are now able to solve these problems, especially when doing the keyboard, for example, if two fingers are very close, when only 10 mm. The other is The touch-screen or fast scrolling speed when, in fact, the need for faster response times and faster scanning time, we are now is very, very fast response time. We have developed this new algorithm to eliminate noise, our CDC output signal is very clear, this solution is also the phenomenon of no ghost. At present sample has been out a few months to be able to really put this commercial. "He said happily. He said Leadis has two major glass supply partners, is applying this technology patents, the patent has been submitted last October.

PM5363-BI Suppliers

face always with a toothy smile ARMY bear the enormous pressure behind it is not seen in ordinary people. In addition to technology, experience, market pressures will be reflected to the same architect as the product of total body Jiang Hong. As the product of the chief architect, responsible directly to the success of the product. Hung Chiang, said: "In particular, the project bigger and PM5363-BI Suppliers and bigger, any minor technical omissions can cause product quality problems. Even a company like Intel, the blow is also rare."

PM5363-BI Price

009, Spain, Italy, Greece, etc. were installed capacity of 500 MW, 451 MW and PM5363-BI Price and 145 MW. This year the debt crisis in Greece, while Spain and other European countries will be the impact of subsidy cuts in Germany, while reducing its subsidy share.

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