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Ic PMBD6050

According to a research report ICInsights as Bluetooth have been widely applied in consumer and IC PMBD6050 and enterprise products, making Bluetooth more attractive, and will bring a lot of sales opportunities. ICInsights data show that the Bluetooth module shipments in 2006 to 500 million 15 million, expected to be explosive growth in 2010 reached 1.63 billion. 2006 cumulative shipments of Bluetooth modules for more than 10 million. 2007 Bluetooth device shipments will grow 47%. 2006 to 2010, the Bluetooth chip shipments expected strong growth of 33% per year. 2006 to 2010, the Bluetooth chip market forecast from 1.47 billion, increased to more than 3.2 billion. Beginning in 2000 the advent of Bluetooth technology standards, by 2006, shipments of Bluetooth modules have reached 500 million 15 million, the key is the cost of low prices. ICInsights and forecast 2010 sales price of Bluetooth chipsets, will be the 2002 chipset, about a quarter of the price. Low-cost Bluetooth technology is widely deployed is the main reason for subsequently. And global support, and increase end-user applications makes the development of Bluetooth technology with the potential of growing markets. Bluetooth technology has been the first and main application is mobile phones and related wireless phones, PDAs and portable computers. As an additional high cost, high-end Bluetooth products is limited out, but as prices fall, the additional cost of additional Bluetooth functionality will become increasingly low. BillMcClean senior analyst said that while the advantages of Bluetooth technology in the early publicity a bit exaggerated, but in the global consumer electronics market, under the strong waves, Bluetooth technology market with great potential. Currently, there are thousands of worldwide manufacturing DigitalConsumer components or systems companies to support Bluetooth technology. McClean and that, starting from the phone and the headset, to other portable devices and laptop computers, Bluetooth technology will be the future of the emerging automotive applications, and Bluetooth technology can be used in portable digital music player in the future Apple might introduce built-in Bluetooth connectivity iPod music player.

PMBD6050 Suppliers

OSD key part of the arrangements in place in the middle of the border, were arranged in a shape, position clear, easy to operate; base with a square design, support for good performance, and PMBD6050 Suppliers and are equipped with anti-skid device, effectively prevent the slipping phenomenon, and the four corners of use the fillet processing, design right.

PMBD6050 Price

As described in this article begins, mobile location services can not only effectively increase the income level of operators, but basically a blank in the domestic state, the application can be developed many different types. Is on the front line of 3G operators compete for customers rich and PMBD6050 Price and interesting business will be very eager to rely on a variety of mobile location services to enrich their own brand of 3G content, will help to occupy a strong position in the competition.

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