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Ic PMBS3904

TSMC December 1 said publicly that, due to continued weakness in global economic markets, resulting in reduced customer chip shipments, the company modified on 30 October in The fourth quarter estimates. Consolidated revenue from the previous estimate of which 690 billion New Taiwan dollars to 71.0 billion Taiwan dollars, adjusted to 63.0 billion Taiwan dollars to 650 billion New Taiwan dollars between; while gross margin to 30% to 32%.

PMBS3904 Suppliers

4.5V voltage level of the device contribute to the design of higher frequency, POL applications in significantly reducing the gate drive loss, and PMBS3904 Suppliers and can use lower-voltage, lower cost 5V PWM IC. Up to now, other 80V power MOSFET has only 6V or higher gate drive can be turned on. However, the industry is more pessimistic, the three semiconductor foundry company recently cut again to the collective expectations of the fourth quarter of this year.

PMBS3904 Price

11 Yue NT TSMC income 20.644 billion yuan, compared with 10 months reduced by 30% compared with the same period last year decreased by 34%; Taiwan UMCs November revenues 6.024 billion Taiwan dollars, compared to October decreased 23.8% year on year decrease of 33.28%; while revenue advanced 910 million in November NT, down 26.5% compared to October, down 39.14% year on year.

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