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Ic PPC403GA-JC25C1

20-inch 19-inch LCD display with a price, but with 22-inch 1680 × 1050 resolution, allows you smaller screen and IC PPC403GA-JC25C1 and see a more clear picture of a 20-inch LCD JEAN JEAN JT209RP currently priced at 790 yuan, a very high price, interested friends go see it.

PPC403GA-JC25C1 Suppliers

Therefore, Yang Jian published in February own-brand 21.5 inch multi-touch screen, the proposed price not much higher than traditional display for the 8,900 I believe that consumers will accept the price. Many people question the price should be at a loss in the sale, in fact, not. If 1 million units or 10 million units, there may be ways to sell at a loss, but at this price if the customer orders for the next 100 million units, must take; 100 million still losing money is not likely to do, which can be that the use of embedded optical touch technology has some cost advantages, combined with the sword Yang has to a certain level of yield enhancement, which can reduce the cost to overcome the key-touch industry prices. to the "municipal lighting energy-saving products and PPC403GA-JC25C1 Suppliers and technology exchange" for example, will have to wait for participants to explore the many highlights.

PPC403GA-JC25C1 Price

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