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, Power Quotient International's long-Miss Lv Caini we speak speech, thanked the support of agents at all levels over the years and IC PQ20WZ5U and said in the upcoming 2008 will be will vigorously develop the mainland market, a series of new initiatives to support and back each and every customer. Chen Pang-yu is vice president of the firm, said, "We must together 08 Dengfeng." Agents at all levels for the sound of great concern and support expressed, speak up and voice their opinions and ideas, to share the first line in the channel over the years hard experience. To make each guest a worthwhile trip, the mainland area sales director also came for the 2007 analysis of the storage market, and made a new year for real prospects.

PQ20WZ5U Suppliers

1 ~ 9 months, all production of micro-computer industry, 57,498,000 units, up 33.7%. Among them, the notebook computer 33,597,000 units, up 37.3%, the proportion of the total production of micro-computer 58.4%. From high-end color TV market structure, 1 to 9 months, the proportion of rear-projection TV gradually declined from 1.3% in early fall to 0.9%, LCD and PQ20WZ5U Suppliers and plasma TVs proportion showed an increase, of which more rapid growth in the proportion of LCD TVs. 1 September LCD TV produced a total of 2.641 million units, up 440.1 percent, the proportion of 1.9% from the beginning of the year to 4.5%. Sales from the high-end watch TV, LCD TV sales accounted for 69.8% market share.

PQ20WZ5U Price

Years, Tezzaron has been working to develop 3D wafer stack and PQ20WZ5U Price and silicon based through-hole process (TSV, Through-Silicon-Via, through between the chip and the chip, wafer and wafer production between the vertical turn, to achieve interconnection between the chip technology) for high-speed storage products. The company reportedly will use Tezzaron FaStack technology for the production of 3D chips. The process focuses on the wafer stack and the welding process.

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