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Ic PS2501L-1-E3

As the saying goes, a good horse with a good saddle! To give superior sound quality coupled with an M8 good first line, Amoi M8 uses a common brand mobile phones as a zinc alloy casing, coupled with high light drawing process special treatment, not only the machine looks great texture, but also has outstanding performance on the hand. Like a classical MD player button, as if the source of profound music, bringing a different kind of charm. Qingqi switch, so full of natural acoustic wave penetration linger in the ear, with the rhythm of tapping the warmth of soul ... ... 1, Palm development of the touch-screen smart phone operating system to fight with Apple iPhone; and IC PS2501L-1-E3 and touch screen Nokia has just begun to expand the field, until recently, has been used to aim the eyes Symbian 8 years outside the system.

PS2501L-1-E3 Suppliers

In summary, all aspects of the performance of Huawei C5600 was relatively average, at the same price is already good phone. Is composed of the "Jingdong Mall" offer for the aircraft are given 888 yuan, and PS2501L-1-E3 Suppliers and interested friends to consider taking into account. Now, for those prospective students Xiaobian friends also brought a record-wing Tianyi 3G packages for reference.

PS2501L-1-E3 Price

Entertainment, Huawei C5600 built-in music player, the aircraft's music player supports a list of players, a total of 5 sounds to choose from, and PS2501L-1-E3 Price and supports MP3, ACC, WMA and other audio format player. China Telecom, Huawei C5600 is a customized CDMA handsets Tianyi, support CDMA800MHz frequency and CDMA1X network, built-in megaupload, number of knowledgeable, love music, Palm customer service and other features easier to find all types of information use. Life, the aircraft is equipped with a 800mAh lithium battery, up to 180 hours of standby time, talk time of 4 hours.

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