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Ic PSB2115HV1.2

In addition to authentication, There are advanced technology problem - the reason the product positioning, local IC design houses a large selection of craft than two to three generations behind foreign manufacturers, plus some local use of advanced technology is not very optimistic about the companys financial position, industry there are some sounds that to Chinas current design standards, not how advanced the technology used. Home Long disagreed. He pointed out that "low-end design can only feed themselves, but never in the international arena to compete with large international companies, will onl

PSB2115HV1.2 Suppliers

However, government support does not mean that the money to pay to the corporate hands, it can be co-operation model. Home dragon said, Cadence is preparing plans and PSB2115HV1.2 Suppliers and government-related agencies to cooperate, through the establishment of a common software platform to help the relatively small size of local IC design companies to verify the IC to quickly improve the overall capacity of Chinas IC design and level. "In todays increasingly complex and expensive IC design, only the experience is not enough, the development environment is becoming increasingly important." Lung Chu stressed that "to Nvidia, for example, through such a verification platform, they can skip link directly to tape mass production. This will save a lot of capital investment and large-scale IC design to minimize the threshold. "

PSB2115HV1.2 Price

"and Games, consumer, financial, real estate and PSB2115HV1.2 Price and other industries strong regional differences whenever IC design to have to face the global competition. Just think, if not top programs, Huawei may consider how your chip?" he said, In the IC design field, the state must be forward-looking vision and initiatives. And if you want, and these world-class companies to compete, we must seek ways to transcend them. He warned that if foreign IC design companies gain a firm foothold in China, and win the war for talent, the domestic IC design industry will always lose the opportunity in the future, 2012 will be a very crucial period. "Government departments should have a sense of crisis, think of ways to be more active support, I think this is very important."

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