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PageNext>1 27 news, according to Chinese Academy of Sciences said Godson projects, the first firewall product based on the Godson processor resource sharing platform for the Tibet Autonomous Region has been put into use. This is the first fully in all aspects of hardware and IC PT2210 and software self-controlled firewall products. It is understood that the firewall is currently used in Taiwan, Tibet culture, information sharing platform. In this platform, a total of 41 sets of Godson firewall in use. Dawn provides servers, disk arrays to the firewall, and other products, and firewall products use 2F Godson chip.

PT2210 Suppliers

Comments: The recent hacking incident ignited, so we are fully aware of the importance of network information security, and PT2210 Suppliers and most of the hardware and software products in China are foreign goods, therefore, the network security risks so obvious. Today, China finally has the software, hardware, systems, core chips are the independent research and development of the firewall, which for the increased level of network protection is of great significance.

PT2210 Price

Broadcom GPON Another unique series is the worlds first integrated MoCA standard, the integration has been certified by MoCA MoCA 1.1 Certification Committee. BCM6800 series MoCA MoCA solution integrates a media access controller (MAC), PHY transceiver and PT2210 Price and the RF tuner, these integrated components make (using GPON technology) service providers to easily and affordably coaxial cable to your existing home network into a media distribution gateway. The results, with the coaxial cable in the user home service provider of media distribution to the entire family can provide digital media services, such services allow users to securely access, store and share multiple types of digital media content, such as HDTV programs, video on demand, digital video recorder (DVR) video, Internet content and VoIP. hare from the market perspective, Intels market share fell 0.6 percentage points to 80.5%; AMD market share increased 0.7 percentage points to 19.4%.

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