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n fact, LED lighting compared to traditional high pressure sodium lamps can save 60% of energy consumption, a 100-watt power The LED lamps can replace the 250-watt high pressure sodium lamps. In Dongguan, has now established a complete industrial chain of LED. Dongguan Municipal Committee, Deputy Mayor, says Leng Xiaoming, Dongguan is expected within 5 years will add 60,000 LED lights, now in Shilong, Shipai 8 Towns in applications such as promotion of the 20,000 LED lights, This 2015 totaled 80,000.

PT2213 Suppliers

While the real swords and PT2213 Suppliers and spears to come face to face, radio and television is not dominant, but can hold up the umbrella with administrative orders. For example, the Internet TV business, the China National Network Television (CNTV), BesTV, the number of China as a toll station, on a smooth road should set cards - to the TV content copyright and other hardware vendors providing content, the license must pass the three parties.

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it from the product performance, LED lighting products do not have the others unique advantages. First of all, LED, low power, small power consumption, in line with national policy to promote energy-saving environmental protection. Secondly, LED life is very long, ordinary LED lamp beads are 5-8 million hours of life, do better, up to 100,000 hours of life than incandescent bulbs, energy saving lamps much longer life expectancy. Again, LED products and PT2213 Price and other products compared to a more humane, it does not produce radiation as the light source, on the human body did not hurt, does not give the feeling of glare, light and soft, people feel comfortable. In addition, LED is extremely stable, long-term use will not be reduced after the glow. And wide range LED applications, home lighting, outdoor lighting, screen display, underwater lights so you can see its shadow. These are the qualities of other lighting products are not available. It is these advantages show that the development of LED market prospects and great potential, so the lighting giant Philips, including the world, including many of the vendors are interested to enter the LED lighting field, to the great development in the future market slice. LED in China has been applied in many large construction projects, the Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower to transform the use of LED, after 75% savings in electricity consumption, while the Beijing Olympics Water Cube swimming pool with its colorful LED lighting amazing changing world. The forthcoming opening of the Shanghai World Expo next year, all of its lighting products, LED, can be said that the Shanghai World Expo park will be LED lighting technology showcase platform.

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