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Ic PT2248-SN

October, AMD released the 2009 third quarter earnings. Showed a profit, AMD-quarter revenue of $ 1,396,000,000, an increase over the previous quarter, 18%, further reversing the previous losses. With the change in fair competition in the chip market, with AMD sounded since the revival of the "horn", with its unique forward-looking strategic vision, to focus on that individual consumer business direction, and IC PT2248-SN and then there are the original multi-core CPU market, AMD has laid advantage, showing that AMD will have full confidence in the calm and stability go the road of rehabilitation.

PT2248-SN Suppliers reported in a press conference last week, NVIDIA to rename, and PT2248-SN Suppliers and all of the problems that they are only based on the requirements of large PCOEM manufacturers do, but declined to disclose specific What are manufacturers. models caused a lot of problems for consumers, but NVIDIA that the vast majority of the renamed graphics are just OEM products, would not appear in the retail market.

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Lu Bu first debut Gainward HD4870 Edition, as the three first home here, Riboud in the Three Kingdoms era, no one can be brave and, while the Gainward will be named in the RadeonHD4870's latest graphics cards, not only highlights the HD4870 graphics card product line in the entire outstanding position, but also reflects their confidence Gainward, whether it is the default size, or work materials, Gainward HD4870 Riboud version of a length similar products are higher than the market .

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