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Ic PT2272

Vista price cuts in a trend of the most powerful being sponsored by Microsoft. August 1 onwards, WindwosVista Chinese version of the operating system a significant price reduction in price for the first time, of which version of Vista Home Basic box minimum retail price 1499 yuan fell 499 yuan. Is called a prospering, analysts say: Vista's sharp price cuts will not only promote the new operating system, universal coverage, but will drive the development of upstream and IC PT2272 and downstream related products, which support the ReadyBoost flash drive is expected to advance more blowout.

PT2272 Suppliers

Yesterday, the annual China Game Industry Annual Conference announced the "2007 China Game Industry Report." In 2007, China has independently developed online game market, the actual sales of national income of 68.8 billion yuan, accounting for the total domestic market share of 65.1% for the first time accounted for more than half of foreign online games.

PT2272 Price

In very simple constant F502, as many models in the same constant, the overall tone of pure black master, accompanied by bright silver around the screen for decoration, fashion, noble of the gas filling. A 1.8-inch color screen, large screen motion video playback. The button design, it is surrounded around the fuselage. The screen looks particularly clean and PT2272 Price and tidy.

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