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Ic PT4115

2003 Nian 10 Yue available for PowerWise Interface Standard is a two-wire serial bus interface standard , can be integrated System on Chip (SoC) and IC PT4115 and Power Management IC (PMIC) connected with . This interface standard on master / slave communication with special requirements, the regulator for the control system design, system design engineers can ensure that the flexible adjustment of supply voltage digital processors and reverse bias .

PT4115 Suppliers

Previously, the Shanghai Securities News has disclosed the situation of the company won the bid, which, in the mobile phone, the new Post-pass first, access to 21,000 of the bid amount and PT4115 Suppliers and 35% of the share. Features: Built-in 1W super bright luxeonLED particles, alkaline or rechargeable batteries to work.

PT4115 Price

World's leading financial consultancy Morgan Stanley (MorganStanley), catch on to the market last week is to promote the China Unicom CDMA project warned that mobile phone manufacturers the ability to delay in supply, will affect China China Unicom's market process. Morgan Stanley analysts said, as China's second-largest mobile phone operator China Unicom Group announced earlier this month of its Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) network will be the occasion of the opening and PT4115 Price and operation of small-scale, but can only offer mobile phone manufacturers The claims two million mobile phones can provide a small part of the amount. According to Morgan Stanley analyst statistics, as of the end of 2001, which is the temporary opening of China Unicom CDMA network when only 300,000 in China for CDMA phones. Analysts expect mobile phone manufacturers in the supply side of the time delay of about a month. Morgan Stanley said China Unicom is expected later this month, handset manufacturers Qiangzai produce 40 million handsets also listed, which may be forced to wait for China Unicom in mid-February the Chinese New Year, will be in full swing CDMA network services marketing activities. Morgan Stanley, according to statistics by the Chinese government authorized the sale of CDMA mobile phones of about 20 retailers, only four in the middle of this month at its store in Beijing set a CDMA mobile phone samples. The four companies are based in the U.S. Motorola (Motorola), it is the only licensed foreign companies; Japan's Hitachi and China's Hisense Group established a joint venture company; domestic companies and Eastcom Haier Group. Although China Unicom CDMA for its newly launched high hopes for the project, and has repeatedly claimed that its user base will be located in the high-end market, Morgan Stanley analysts said, although the expected overseas listing of China Unicom will be the end of this year, won the 750 10000-8000000 users, but China Unicom obtained from the user premises, the monthly average revenue per household (ARPU) will be only 60-70 yuan (7.24 to 8.45 U.S. dollars), which recently added to their prepaid charge users a monthly fee paid less the same, still belongs to the mobile communications market in the low-end users. According to statistics, in the overseas listing of China Unicom shares, its stock price in the past 52 weeks, the project has not yet launched its CDMA benefit, until now have been plunged by 37.4%.

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