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from a manufacturing cost point of view, 45nm currently only Intel, Samsung, IBM, and IC PT6311 and TSMC four relatively mature technology, which Intel will not temporary foundry. Currently, several are from 12 inches based on the 65nm process research and development of 45nm process, so the relative investment is not great, but more than 30 billion U.S. dollars, the recent investment in a brand new Toshibas 45nm production cost is as high as 6.5 billion . If every factory to produce 50,000 wafers a standard, then in order to achieve full cost recovery within 2 years, the additional cost of a single chip close to 50 cents. This is undoubtedly a big challenge, specific to a quad-core CPU to the increase in manufacturing costs close to $ 3. Moreover, at present most of the 45nm12 inch wafer lines are not enough orders to support its full capacity. In addition, 45nm process research and development is not a small investment, there is no one billion U.S. dollars of investment is unable to complete all of the design and development of a complete process, which for the additional costs of future products is a heavy burden.

PT6311 Suppliers

However, not all of the semiconductor IC has such a good leisure and PT6311 Suppliers and elegant, there are still many semiconductor manufacturers in the choice of choosing whether to wandering on the 45nm process. After all, it now appears 45nm with or without a problem. The competition is relatively intense or higher on the performance requirements for the semiconductor industry, 45nm is a tool to seize market opportunities. For example, relying on Samsungs 50nm flash technology to produce a certain brand of flash memory cards have 64GB storage capacity can be expected if the use of 30nm technology can be introduced in the second half of next year, the capacity of 128GB, this is highly competitive, with this Also, such cards are not cheap, because the clear competitive advantage, so do not worry about market issues. However, many other semiconductor products are not so lucky. CPU in the most public attention as an example, 45nm can improve many properties of natural, but not necessarily be able to reap the market of all ages. 45nm concept of good, Ye Hao lot of product performance, but the price is really flattered, at least for now the hardware has been leading software many times, one of the top 65nm cpu 45nm manufacturing costs there are only about 54% (includes all R & D cost pool), both of the actual cost of the performance gap is not as big as the desktop applications specific to the actual performance improvement is not obvious, at least for the average user was difficult to understand, so 45nmcpu but the concept of dominant phase in , but also the lack of sufficient market competition. Another mobile phone baseband chip is 45nm fans, at least now have four 45nm chip makers are clearly put forward in development, of course, point all the 45nm high-end 3G mobile phone applications, it is clear, at present the average consumer in 2008 also missed the end of exposure to cell phone baseband chip 45nm.

PT6311 Price

45nm, beautiful but full of contradictions, with, we must consider the cost and PT6311 Price and the dual pressures of strategic decision-making, face a risk of losing market share; do not, you may is beyond even throw off competitors, will face more serious problems of survival and technology leadership. 45nm, is torture, the semiconductor company decision-making has been somewhat fragile nerves.

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