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Ic PT6955

Just a few days before this site on the global network of high-profile frame been reported, and IC PT6955 and today they got a shocking piece of news. Kuanyang network can play online video frame it! Very shocked, and quickly recruited Behind the Scenes look at upgrading the machine. Have not seen the "new, extraordinary and special network of the world's first photo frame market," the netizen, again look at What are the main features of this product.

PT6955 Suppliers

Compared with the DVD shows more fruit, 720P high-definition output, where the advantages of it? We know, we know, DVD output can only reach 576i, its technical parameters are 50hz frequency, 625 vertical scan lines, 576 vertical scan lines can be seen, while the 720p is the D4 standard digital TV display mode, 60hz frequency, 750 vertical scan lines, 720 vertical scan lines can be seen, the actual image resolution of 1280X720. Only from the parameters we can see the clarity is far better than 720p DVD, 576i's. From the digital point of view, high-definition DVD MP4 output effect is more than twice. By comparison of the actual display, the gap between the two we will have a more intuitive understanding.

PT6955 Price

Smooth songjang stunning LCD T220 Samsung LCD 08 to become a sales champion, it has a 20000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and PT6955 Price and gorgeous fashion designs. The price of this product has now fallen to 1530 yuan price, price clearly is a very worthy consumers to buy products.

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