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As the name implies, refers to the telephoto digital camera with large optical zoom models, but the greater the optical zoom and IC PZTA92 and can shoot the scene the more distant. In fact, its main characteristics and principles of the telescope is similar to the movement through the lens inside the lens to change focal length. Of course, the telephoto digital camera not only looks far more important is its long focal length to create great shallow depth of field effects, and shallow depth of field to highlight the main benefits of the virtual background, so you can make photo shoot out more beautiful, professional. Here, we have several recommended for everyone over 20 times optical zoom ultra-telephoto digital camera, would like to hope that those who intend to friends in the summer to travel more good films, and more flamboyant ^_^ Reported, LG will also July 21 and 22, respectively, in Beijing Full Link Plaza and Beijing CTS Building office held the same theme tour event, then, there will be more abundant in the office gift white-collar workers, interested consumers can actively participate.

PZTA92 Suppliers

In addition, LGKM900e addition to the core selling point of S-Class3D user interface, while the accompanying multimedia entertainment is also very powerful. A 3.0-inch WVGA (480 * 800 resolution) screen resolution, Dolby surround sound effect, 500 million pixel lens-leading technology is certified Schneider makes pleasantly surprised. It can be said, KM900e has become a pursuit of gorgeous, show personality, identity and PZTA92 Suppliers and taste exquisite jewelry.

PZTA92 Price

LGKM900e LG 2009 mobile phone is the global flagship product, is the world's first true 3D mobile phone. S-Class3D its unique user interface, using 3D effects processing technology have revolutionized the traditional print menu design concept, the perfect interpretation of the various functions and PZTA92 Price and applications the concept of true 3D view, giving users the most convenient, efficient, fancier experience, the technology was recently won an iF Communication Design Award 2009, and its functionality and ease of use in the high-end mobile phone market to show a strong competitive edge.

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