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Ic QMV983AF5

straight-in LED white light source, the LED emitted light colors, white backlight is issued, after the liquid crystal layer, and IC QMV983AF5 and then through the R / G / B color filter, become independent of the primary colors. In the process, determine the final color liquid crystal display devices of liquid crystal layer is not critical, but the backlight light quality. RGB backlight spectrum in the higher purity of each color of light, in the final to restore the more pure colors, only to restore a pure RGB primary colors in order to deploy a pure and true color effects.

QMV983AF5 Suppliers

We come to Taiwan is to seek partners, the two sides together to LED industry bigger, Xiao Zhiguo told Taiwan media surrounded, the remark no fewer than ten times. But the key is the amount of the purchase? Who procurement in Taiwan? What vendors will be to visit? No matter how the media asked to Dalian, northeast of the Han dynasty, how is not said. The meeting was in the end there is no opportunity? Bridging is not purchasing the General Assembly session, the real buyers are not out of Taiwan as one of the guests attending the LED die in a house plant chairman, to ask that the media wind nest, perhaps to say the truth, why do people come here with I buy things, but also drums come? This is the mainlands investment policy. The past several years in China he said, the real purchasing groups, all private, the "Fair to rely on big purchases? How is it possible!"

QMV983AF5 Price

Will be available soon also PhenomIIX4925, equivalent to the AM3 versions of X4920, clocked still 2.8GHz, but the thermal design power consumption to 95W, lower than the 125W. Believe that these low-power versions will have a good overclocking performance. AMD to increase in a large number of new products this quarter, covering PhenomII, AthlonII two series and QMV983AF5 Price and dual-core, three core, quad-core variety of models.

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