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Ic RB751S-40

Despite the RMB exchange rate, export tax rebate rate of decline in raw material prices and IC RB751S-40 and the EU environmental directives of the four-fold in 2007, exports of wire and cable Xiangshan area still showed a larger growth. 1-10 months of this year, a total of 2625 approved the export of wire and cable products, weight of 10,214.2 tons, the value of $ 56,995,000, an increase compared with last year 31.3% of the batch, the weight increased by 25.2%, 44.1% of the amount of increase in the average unit price 0.56 U.S. dollars / ton, an increase of 16.7%.. It is understood that wire and cable Xiangshan rapid growth in exports, mainly in the following three reasons: First, a positive adjustment of product structure. Face many disadvantages, wire and cable enterprises to increase technical and financial input, multiple introduction of advanced production equipment and detection system to enhance the ability of technological innovation, strengthening the development of high value-added products, has developed a LCD TV, HDMI cable, 1394 cable, VGA cable and so on. Second, thanks to international buyers sourcing transfer. In recent years, with the rapid development of export-oriented economy Xiangshan, international buyers are turning to the beautiful coastal city. A wire and cable companies have become leading international electronics companies supporting the production of Sony, and Sony through the companys "GP Green Partner certification," Taiwans Asustek and other buyers also come as the site visits. Procurement of these large enterprises wire and cable industry for the Elephant brings a good reputation and significant. The third is to actively explore the international market through various channels. Year during the two sessions and the Hong Kong Electronics Fair, communications equipment trade fair in Hanover, Germany, the U.S. Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Korea Electronics Show, the Middle East (Dubai) International Appliance Kam-Bo is one of many wire and cable companies will be effective channel to explore the international market. Xiangshan wire and cable products currently exported to Southeast Asia, Australia, Latin America, Africa, Europe and many countries and regions.

RB751S-40 Suppliers

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RB751S-40 Price

8 months since a comprehensive take-off performance of LED packaging factory! East Bay (2499) received international companies in the LED lighting orders, revenues for three consecutive months will be setting a new high; billion light (2393) this month, revenue is expected to exceed 10 billion New Taiwan dollars; for the mainland market blossoms The results, Bai Hong (3031) high probability also increased significantly.

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