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in the second half growth will slow down the whole second half of the instrumentation industry trend continued in the first half, demand and IC REF01EZ and sales are still high, but growth will slow down, is expected to Annual sales will increase slightly higher than the previous year, or basically the same. Instrumentation industry as a reflection of more indirect macroeconomic, lag, so some products will appear in the next year saw a drop in the second half of the overall steady upward trend in the development, will have the following characteristics: industrial automation instrumentation and control devices and environmental monitoring fastest growing equipment and other instruments will not change the trend of steady growth. At the national implementation of circular economy, environmental protection and emission reduction, energy efficient, "great pressure on policy measures such as ramp, the thermal power, metallurgy, building materials and other medium-sized devices and the" five small businesses "and demand for instruments will be significantly reduced. Industrial equipment large-scale, complex devices and new applications and demand for domestic enterprises will face the level of product technology, application adaptation, barriers to entry and many other issues, foreign companies have a comparative advantage, will have an impact on market structure. corporate profits change is the existence of two different situations, on the one hand some companies increase the production of proficiency, increase the technological content of products and other reasons, labor productivity and margins; the other hand, prices of raw mate wafer equipment investment spending has declined, but did not disappear. Which chip IC manufacturers to buy equipment in the future, who refused to open the door to the supplier?

REF01EZ Suppliers

A: Internet sales in the future I believe there will be further expanded. Nikon-store experience is still not carried out such a market with network marketing model, other brands are already doing related work, we will actively consider countermeasures. According to our recent market research, consumer buying trends network is increasingly high. As for setting up shop in places that experience, such as shopping malls in Japan or in the website, we have no clear plan. Nikon existing channels mainly based distributor, so we have to consider the existing conditions to changes in the channel. raw material prices is the power companies have to face the problem, and REF01EZ Suppliers and each time prices, to the power companies the turbulence is self-evident. Raw material prices is normal market performance, market economy is a competitive economy.

REF01EZ Price

Shanghai Xing Yu Cheng Chau electronic switch: raw material prices that we are not affected Currently we there is no response to upward pressure on raw materials, brilliant idea, the only way is to reduce their own profits. Surge in raw material situation, to maintain the vendor is the winner. Prices of raw materials made in China Electronic Transformer Company originally lost the price advantage, coupled with a continuation of the domestic price war, the situation of domestic enterprises to survive the transformer can be imagined.

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