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Ic REG102GA-2.5

present the latest official version IntelMatrixStorageManager driver is, in addition to a number of Beta version 8.9 series, but today the Internet has a version number Jingxian a new version, jump from the 8.X series 9.5 series, the span is quite substantial, based on past experience, if not there greatly improved if the version number will not be such a big change.

REG102GA-2.5 Suppliers

Specifications, GeForceGTX480 no doubt be 512 stream processors, 16 geometric units, 64 texture units, 48 ROP units ,384-bit bit wide, GDDR5 memory configuration is estimated that the capacity should be 1536MB.

REG102GA-2.5 Price

SAN FRANCISCO July 26 news MatroxGraphics TripleHead2GoDigitalEdition 』『 today announced the listing of the three-screen display digital version of amplification devices, the suggested retail price of $ 329. 』『 TripleHead2GoDigitalEdition palm-sized so that users can add three SXGA resolution display, resolution up to 3840 × 1024 (three times the 1280 × 1024), or dual screen mode of 3840 × 1200 (double the 1900 × 1200), for workstations, game systems and REG102GA-2.5 Price and notebook computer screens, including the only support a single display output of the system. 』『 TripleHead2GoDigitalEdition built HD-15 analog and DVI-I digital input (support Dual-linkDVI) connector of a group, three DVI-I digital output connector, the system power supply from the USB interface, support WindowsVista, WindowsXP, Windows2000, WindowsXP64 and MacOSXv10.4-bit operating system, and is compatible with NVIDIA or ATI graphics chip, the majority or the graphics card desktop and notebook computers. Depending on graphics processors support the highest resolution version may be. TripleHead2GoDigitalEdition 』『 』based『 DualHead2Go for graphics expansion module (GraphicseXpansionModules-GXMs) market. Graphics accelerator graphics expansion module is not in itself, but to use standard analog VGA monitor cable connected to the computer's external box. System is currently responsible for drawing the graphics chips used in all 2D, 3D and video, and graphics expansion module is responsible for the support of multi-screen display.

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