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Ic REG1117

Based on two RV770 Sapphire HD4870X22GBGDDR5 core Internet architecture, a total of 1,600 dual-GPU stream processors, with up to 2.4TFLOPS bring supercomputing power, the perfect support for DX10.1 and IC REG1117 and SM4.1 technology, and supports multi-card Crossfire, and PCIExpress2.0 norms, also provides a second-generation HD UVD hardware decoding capabilities.

REG1117 Suppliers

Cheng Yi said that the key to the development of photovoltaic industry scale and REG1117 Suppliers and technology, China is not doing a large-scale problem, but the core technology, the financial crisis has given all of Chinas PV industry a profound lesson - do not grasp the core technology of polysilicon production.

REG1117 Price

According to the company's director of IT systems pondered days of introduction, Magic Digital's business is in rapid expansion among the rising volume of business. Three-dimensional animation production is complex and REG1117 Price and lengthy, but also need to constantly change. Modify means to keep rendering, which in itself presented a very high computing power requirements, coupled with outsourcing of customers to undertake foreign production operations, the time requirements are very tight, there is no sufficient capacity to support the development of enterprises will be greatly restricted . "We estimate that over the" Avatar "in the calculation, if to imitate, without any changes, in accordance with our existing computing power, rendering full load takes 10 months." We try to existing rooms, air-conditioning cooling system support the same circumstances, to find a simple, fast, low-cost solutions to meet our current and future needs. "Pondered day told reporters that their plan is the most advanced technologies and products, to improve the unit cell of the computing power and reduce server power consumption, to improve efficiency, reduce operating costs. Render the main server is characterized by frequency sensitive and multi-core multi-threaded, and is generally 7 × 24 hours full load operation, if the rendering server, to reduce energy consumption, performance improvement, the effect will add up to huge gains .

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