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Ic RF2253

relative to the white light source, RGB-LED backlight backlight more prominent, RGB-LED backlight is of high purity can be issued through the red, green, blue light LED components, to achieve the traditional CCFL light source can not reach the wide color gamut. The current mainstream RGB-LED backlight has been up to 105% of the NTSC color gamut, and IC RF2253 and more powerful as long as the use of performance LED devices can be realized now more than 120% NTSC color gamut. However, RGB-LED backlight with its high cost, the whole price is quite expensive. Before the launch of Sharp XS1 LED TV product line to use the RGB-LED backlight.

RF2253 Suppliers

printing of mean dogs to detect cancer through smell, so researchers will be sensitive to the chemical and RF2253 Suppliers and optical detectors combined to create an "electronic nose", known not only allows the types of cancer betray oneself, but also to identify whether the aggressive cancer cells.

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May 22, the "creative fire fashion trends chassis 09 conference and RF2253 Price and my personality space - 'HuntKey Cup' of the third chassis Creative Design Competition Prize Presentation Ceremony" will be for you, Heyuan, Guangdong open, the chassis will be announced in 2009 fashion trends and "HuntKey Cup" design contest winners third chassis, and chassis design world of many media experts will visit the scene to witness the event.

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