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Ic RM5261A-250H

Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) has announced the launch of the advanced features of ORing power controllers - TPS241x. These high performance devices can improve the power distribution range of devices, such as 12V blade servers, N +1 telecom systems and IC RM5261A-250H and redundant low-voltage processor power. The IC is not only highly efficient ORing diodes for alternative products, but also intelligent monitoring the power to prevent the bus during transient events occur due to voltage spikes caused damage to the motherboard failure. TI ORing controllers support the new TPS241x Series 3V to 18V input voltage range, and can control the power supply voltage 0.8V. ORing diodes with the current standard solution compared to those of low RdsonN-channel MOSFET controller and when used in combination, can significantly improve system efficiency and reduce power consumption. TPS241x multiple power devices can not only be seamlessly manage power distribution, but also by providing a 130 nanosecond fast shutdown response, reverse current protection systems are a potential threat or transient events. In addition, the controller also has programmable shutdown threshold and input filtering, to protect the integrity of power, especially in the extreme and too often the case with other more prominent advantages of this device, the system according to conditions on the types of bus characteristics adjusted accordingly. TPS2410 and TPS2412 controllers incorporate linear gate control, so as to power system designers to implement ORing in high power applications provide greater flexibility. TPS2411 and TPS2413 controllers take full advantage of ON / OFF gate control to support the transient may have a greater step-down low-power bus. TPS2410 key parameters: ? N +1 and ORing control of the external FET; ? 3V to 18V wide supply voltage range; ? 0.8V to 18V bus control; ? linear or on / off control; ? precise threshold can be adjusted allows precise control of shutdown; ? control mechanism allows devices to adjust the work according to application requirements; ? Soft-start feature reduces bus transient conditions; ? support for N-channel MOSFETs internal charge pump; ?-40o to +85 oC temperature range of industries. Availability TPS241x Series Power Controllers are now in volume production and available from TI and its authorized distributors. TPS2410 and TPS2411 14-pin thin small outline plastic package, low-cost TPS2412 and TPS2413 are 8-pin thin small outline package.

RM5261A-250H Suppliers

PageNext>High reliability to ensure the nature of the securities business uniqueness and RM5261A-250H Suppliers and the breadth of interests involved, construction of information network security is becoming the biggest challenge of all securities companies and pitfalls. Information from the securities industry appears inextricably linked to and reliable. Exchange business department network system event of a fault, the consequences would be disastrous, the exchange market will cause investors unhappy failure, resulting in social impact and economic loss.

RM5261A-250H Price

Supplemented by CENTER309 four temperature monitors, this pointer thermometer probe, the probe providing four simultaneous detection of target temperature, respectively, from the thermometer display T1, T2, T3, T4, sub # # # # # We see that this is a -20 ℃ ~ 200 ℃ constant temperature programmable box, through this instrument, we can simulate the required environment, and RM5261A-250H Price and temperatures in the -20 ℃ ~ 200 ℃ set, so by simulation products in the combination of climate and environment temperature and humidity conditions (high and low temperature operation& storage, temperature cycling, high temperature and high humidity, low humidity, etc.), testing their ability to adapt products and features are changed.

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