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According to reports, the most advanced electric vehicle performance as much as a luxury sports car. Zhang Guangping said that Taiwans automobile manufacturers are constantly trying to research and IC RPT83FQ and development of new electric cars, but there is no formal market, is expected to be able to see in the near future, electric vehicles driving on the street. As vehicle manufacturers to provide complementary products for the automotive electronics manufacturers, should pay close attention to this trend.

RPT83FQ Suppliers

"When the representative of the red dot on the screen does not move, that this person is likely to fall, injury or suffocation fainted, when firemen take special measures to their rescue. "Public Safety Research Center, Tsinghua University, Dr. Zhang Hui edge presentations on the computer side of introduction, of course, RFID radio frequency technology can only determine the location and RPT83FQ Suppliers and movement within the trade union situation, the non-house staff and casualties situation, but also rely on video equipment inside the building.

RPT83FQ Price

In order for hybrid, fuel cell vehicles, electric cars and RPT83FQ Price and other vehicles on the inverter, requiring the use of high voltage, high current capacity of the diode. The current mainstream silicon diode, and its on-resistance of up to 5mΩcm2 ~ 10mΩcm2, in addition to the power loss occurs, but also the need for the power loss caused by heat action. Use of SiC, not only can improve the resistance to pressure, but also be able to on-resistance down to 1mΩcm2 less, thereby reducing power consumption. However, the avalanche of low-resistant than silicon, so for the low-temperature environment or start the car prone to the noise voltage inverter, it is also a problem.

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