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Ic RT9173BPS

LynxOS 5 also adds SMP (symmetric multiprocessing) support multi-core architecture, Intel PowerPC bear the brunt. It can also be extended to up to 32 processors, LynuxWorks, said Robert Day, vice president of marketing.

RT9173BPS Suppliers

, selection of hardware are all popular products. For example, CPU use is very promising entry-level users Celeron D347, which uses the latest 65nm processor technology, the greater 512KB secondary cache, while the frequency of 3GHz close enough to meet your various processing needs. The terms of memory, using a single 512MB memory capacity and RT9173BPS Suppliers and can cope with multiple tasks under the XP operating system, while the price of 175 is very rare.

RT9173BPS Price

At the other extreme is the U.S. chip supplier Freescale, in 20 major supplier ranking the biggest drop in 2009, ranking dropped from 13th to 17th. The companys operating income is expected to decline 1.6 billion .

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