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Ic RT9214PS

Serial non-volatile memory, the worlds leading manufacturer of IC STMicroelectronics today announced the companys storage density 2Kbit to 64Kbit serial EEPROM chip for all (SPI and IC RT9214PS and I2C interface, two series) will be used 2x3mmMLP8 tiny package, with the previous generation 4x5mmS08N package, the new package can be as high-end consumer electronics and communications products, save a lot of space and cost. ST is the market first with a small package to provide a full range of low-density serial EEPROM products, the semiconductor manufacturers. Compared with other packages, the new ultra-thin (0.6mm) double flat 2x3mm tiny details from the leadframe package (MLP) made a number of major technological improvements, and new product footprint in the entire series 2Kbit to 64Kbit compatible. The new mini-memory chips are divided into M24 (I2C bus interface) and M95 (SPI bus interface) of two series, operating voltage 1.8V to 5.5V, more than 1,000,000 times erase cycles, data retention for more than 40 years. Compact appearance of new products, particularly suitable for products such as digital cameras, camcorders, MP3 players, remote control and game consoles, and mobile phones, cordless phones and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, WLAN and other wireless LAN communications applications. Series of low-density MLP82x3 2Kbit to 64Kbit from all products in volume production, while the 64-KbitI2C products will begin mass production in the second half of 2007. Samples of all products are currently listed.

RT9214PS Suppliers

Processor, the platform used Opteron6000 called Maranello (Maranello, Ferrari's headquarters), SocketG34 interface, support for Road or four processors, each providing up to 12 memory slots. Photos from the scene can see, Windows Task Manager is absolutely the core of the 48 spectacular enough.

RT9214PS Price

Thunder plains, Jie Wei JWG41M sudden price fall from the sky in this hot summer, we feel the slightest cool. The G41 chipset based motherboards now only 299 yuan, for such a price, I can only use the most straightforward Xiaobian the words with the "total candidate" type of tone, from the heart to call for a word: "299 yuan ! Jiewei JWG41M board as long as 299 yuan, and RT9214PS Price and so what, rushed out to the store of cash, up to start, do not buy no friends !"

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