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Ic RTL8100C

two new devices for a variety of unique features of the target market. Si4706 uses Silicon Labs developed specifically for embedded antenna can be tuned resonance technology (tuned resonance), patent-pending technology that can support without an external antenna to receive; addition, Si4706 also for mobile devices and IC RTL8100C and personal GPS navigation devices to provide audio output. Si4749 is the vehicle information service system with the tuner chip, not only has passed the AEC-Q100 certification, but also for the RDS Alternate Frequency (AF) provides a set of received signal quality indicators, including received signal strength indication (RSSI), signal to noise ratio (SNR), adjacent and alternate channel blocking signal (alternate blocker), frequency shift, multi-path interference and other proprietary information. Car radio can use this feature to quickly set up and monitor RDS alternate frequency list for different users move between broadcast towers signal range, the main tuner can quickly switch to the highest quality channel. This is very popular in Europe, a feature, because the local radio power would make the limit.

RTL8100C Suppliers

Si4706 and RTL8100C Suppliers and Si4749 provides a highly flexible application program interface (API), an interrupt can be minimized to ensure the highest reliability of RDS data, or more frequently the case in the interrupt , to provide details of individual RDS data blocks. This allows the host processor implementation based on user preferences or RDS post-processing to save power. The device also offers RDS block A or block B change interrupt programming capabilities, the chip containing the buffer can store up to 11 groups with BLER of the RDS data set.

RTL8100C Price

Si4706 and RTL8100C Price and Si4749 regardless of any signal environment can rapidly establish and maintain RDS data synchronization, will not only minimize the initial synchronization time, but also to avoid the line after the interruption re-establish the data online and restore lost time. RDS synchronization of these devices the ability to maintain than other major technology twice, even in the block error rate of more than 7 percent of the environment to maintain synchronization. They also will be under the normal signals reduced the average synchronization time 90ms or less.

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