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Ic S82093AA

By the end of May 2010, China Central Television said, "has purchased 25 World Cup games broadcast rights for mainland 3D, and IC S82093AA and during the World Cup will be selected for 3D digital cinema broadcast the World Cup." This long-awaited news for Chinese fans are very happy.

S82093AA Suppliers

4. memory read and S82093AA Suppliers and write address generation logic of the FPGA design and implementation of this module is based on the functional requirements of the state in the export busy FIFO, the data sent to the DDR memory to cache, when the export status of FIFO not busy, data from the DDR memory to read out to the export of FIFO. And the design must take full account of DDR RAM memory bandwidth efficiency, mass literacy model designed to reduce the overhead of read-write switch work. FIFO status can be exported from the threshold th1 and th2 reflected signal to feedback control based on th1 and th2 address generation logic. Also note the order of the data, to ensure the fair treatment of data, can not cause the system to different data, so the whole logic of DDR memory is a circular queue. Also ensure that: DDR memory is full, not write DDR memory; DDR memory space should not be read DDR memory. DDR memory space on the address generation logic is full of important influence. Seen from the above analysis: impact of address generation logic signal indicating the export status of FIFO signal th1 and th2, DDR memory full signal space; output signal of the DDR memory read requests and write requests rd_req wr_req, address addr . Provides: th1 = 1 that export FIFO almost empty, a non-busy state exporting FIFO can be sent to the DDR memory read request until the date th2 = 1; th2 = 1, said FIFO almost full export, export FIFO status is busy, you can DDR memory write request issued until th1 = 1 up. DDR memory is full of empty drawn from the comparison of read and write address, and a few clock cycles to set out in advance. Non-empty flag derived from such an address comparison: rdaddr / = wraddr-2 and rdaddr / = wraddr-1 and rdaddr / = wraddra; non-full marks obtained by such an address comparison: wraddr +2 / = rdaddr and wraddr + 3 / = rdaddr and rdaddr / = wraddr +1. Generated read request rd_req conditions: ① DDR memory is not empty, DDR memory is full and th2 = 0; ② DDR memory is not empty, DDR memory and non-full to th1 = 1 th2 = 1. Generate write requests wr_req conditions: ① DDR memory, non-full, DDR memory space; ② DDR memory, non-full, DDR memory is not empty and th2 = 1 to th1 = 1. DDR memory module address generation logic using VHDL language to achieve in the Quartus II 4.1, the last case of programming to the series of Alteras Stratix GX FPGA in

S82093AA Price

ASUS EN9800GX2/G/2DI/1G PCB board with a dual core, dual-display design, built-in two code-named G92-450 graphics core, using 65nm process technology, the core number of 754 million transistors * 2, with 128 * 2 StreamProcessor, 64 * 2 texture units and S82093AA Price and 16 * 2 ROPs, 256bit * 2 memory interface support, support for PCI-E2.0 specifications. HD connection, the card supports the second generation of PureVideoHD technology to support MPEG-2, H.264 HD video decoding hardware, support DirectX10.0 and ShaderModel4.0 effects.

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