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Ic SA572D

TPA6130A2 to work with TIs portable audio signal chain in a series of high-performance analog and IC SA572D and DSP products, with the work, including DSP, audio data converters, clocks, D, audio power amplifiers and audio codecs. TI provides silicon chip technology, software, systems technology and support to help customers accelerate time to market.

SA572D Suppliers

Pine Electric Industrial development of GaN semiconductor using the normally closed (NormalOff) power FET (GaNFET). Is generated by hole injection conductivity modulation effect, the resistance dropped to 2.6mΩcm2, and SA572D Suppliers and normally open (NormalOn) type of the original development of the same goods on-resistance. Prior to the normally closed state for the realization of the work to improve the GaNFET structure, resulting in increased resistance. New GaNFET maximum gate voltage drive up +6 V. Thus, with the gate voltage of +2 V around the normally open state, compared to the work to improve the drive can be controlled. Pressure is 650V. Floor for the silicon backplane. The company in December 2006 from 11 to 13, held in San Francisco "2006IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM2006)" posted this in the GaNFET. Ordinary GaNFET, not because the gate voltage is applied in the state, the channel will also have high concentrations of some electronics, is the drain current flows from the source of the normally open type. Although by reducing the electron concentration can be close to the normally closed type, but reduce the electron concentration will lead to increased resistance. Work to achieve the normally closed, the gate structure of the GaNFET replaced by a metal gate p-type GaN semiconductor gate (hereinafter referred to as p-type gate.) Reduced by only p-channel under the gate part of the electronics, are threshold +1.0 V. Meanwhile, in the p-type gate voltage applied to the positive holes into the channel, can achieve conductivity modulation effect. Using this effect, can reduce resistance. To the n-type semiconductor (this is the channel part) is injected into the holes in the n-type semiconductor inside the re-combination of electrons and holes are, so reduces the resistance of n-type semiconductor, in order to achieve low resistance. This change in electrical conductivity of the semiconductor conductivity effect of the current flow is greater conductivity conductivity modulation effect. p-type gate also has the effect of increased drive voltage. As the original gate electrode and channel metal gate Schottky junction interface, the gate voltage is applied, +1 V or so, when leakage current is generated, can be applied up to +2 V. The change for p-type gate, the gate and the channel for the pn junction. In this way, compared with the Schottky gate leakage current can be reduced to parts per million, can be applied +6 V voltage.

SA572D Price

American Universal Display Technology (UDC) in the SID2007 on the title as "white phosphorescent OLED device efficiency," to show their white phosphorescent OLED technology WOLED ? new results. New white OLED with the structure of 20% external quantum efficiency, luminous efficiency equivalent to 33cd / A, the color coordinates of (0.38,0.39), the work of brightness in the 1000nits life in excess of 4000 hours. It is reported that the highest external quantum efficiency of single WOLED, UDC, said external coupling (outcoupling) enhanced external quantum efficiency of law may be further increased to 37%.

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