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Ic SA5753DK

Boston-Power Founder and IC SA5753DK and CEO Dr. Christina Lampe-Onnerud said: "The Boston-Power, the access to this widely accepted in Chinas Certification is very important. China is striving to achieve the goal to reduce energy consumption: in 2006 to 2010 period, per unit of gross domestic product (GDP), energy consumption reduced by 20%, reduced by 4% a year, and by 2010 The main pollutants will be reduced by 10%. Therefore, companies like ours must ensure that their product design and development to production technology, are able to help China achieve these challenging goals ." "LED will be incandescent and fluorescent gravedigger, just as transistors replaced vacuum tube, as the semiconductor lamps to replace incandescent and fluorescent lamps is the trend ."

SA5753DK Suppliers

In addition, Wang Shimin added that, in response to changes in base station equipment, the work of the current demand for large, power supply modules require a higher dynamic response characteristics, smaller standby current and SA5753DK Suppliers and wide output voltage adjustment range, in addition to smaller products also demand better heat dissipation characteristics.

SA5753DK Price

improve the power performance to meet the needs of telecommunications equipment to upgrade in the extension of vendor consolidation and SA5753DK Price and the consolidation of Industry Alliance based on the 2008 sale of communications equipment continues to grow momentum for power and distributed power supply, digital power supply, power and other ancillary products has been of continuous improvement. Shenzhen Integrated Circuit Co., Ltd. mine to focus on mixed civilian and military high-frequency switching power supply module, the companys general manager Wang Shimin, said: "In 2008 the domestic market is characterized by the largest integrated telecommunications operator produced a number of new power needs, including rectifiers, UPS, power modules, battery and so on. At the same time, fixed optical network enables the module power supply and custom power requirements have doubled in 2007 compared to about ."

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