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Ic SA575D

Innovation is an eternal theme of the semiconductor industry. Speaking of technical innovation, integrated circuit chip manufacturing is of fame. The semiconductor packaging industry, although not as chip manufacturing that has become the focus of all eyes, but never relaxed pursuit of innovation. During the annual meeting of the Jiangsu Changjiang Electronics Technology Co., Ltd., Mr. Wang Xinchao Changjiang Electronics Technology introduced through technological innovation and IC SA575D and improve product quality in the process, and that, long power technology has been able to do in the big field of packaging and testing Strong, technological innovation has played a crucial role. Nantong Fujitsu Microelectronics Co., Ltd. Mr. Wu Xiaochun Technology Department told the "China Electronics News" reporter, Nantong Fujitsu attaches great importance to technology level, the companys low-cost MCM / MCP used for mass production of plastic technology, originality The frame design to solve the packaging problem of internal stress, so that the single chip package MCP to achieve the same level of reliability, packaging, testing more than 99% pass rate.

SA575D Suppliers

2007 Chinas IC Industry Symposium and SA575D Suppliers and the 10th branch of China Semiconductor Industry Association IC Annual Meeting held recently in Wuxi, many well-known industry experts and business people attended the annual meeting . Innovation is the key driver of industrial development, and efficient methods of production and management is the protection of corporate profits, which is meeting the consensus reached by all walks of life. And environmental protection, energy conservation issues in the annual meeting is also very attractive, after all, the purpose of development is to make human life more happiness at the expense of sacrificing the environment, one-sided pursuit of development is undoubtedly a departure from our original intention to promote industrial development.

SA575D Price

in a grim situation, in order to survive or to get more fast development, the industry has reached a consensus that integration is the cure. Chiang is currently brewing in the global semiconductor industry, integrated two: one is the integration of the global storage industry, the other is the re-integration of the Japanese semiconductor industry. lack of seasonal characteristics of household electrical appliances, white goods may make the market for semiconductor manufacturers are very attractive, they can use this area to complement its end products with a seasonal sales, this is a more stable source of profit.

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