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Chinese Institute of Electronics, vice director of communication credits, cluster communication Experts Committee Zheng Zuhui letter that no Ministry of Information Industry [2007] 81 document indicates that China released figures radio market is about to commence. According to Zheng Zuhui, during the Radio Authority, Ministry of Information Industry released the "on release" RF digital radio system equipment technical requirements "(for Trial Implementation)" to start and IC SA575N and development of a rule-based digital radio. In fact, domestic and foreign manufacturers have produced some of their digital radio to await the determination of the relevant regulations and releases. Some manufacturers have introduced their own research and development that will pay close attention to the production of digital radio. The emergence of digital radio, making Chinas mobile communications systems and equipment in the last analog systems and equipment into digitized. In fact, the development of digital radio digital trunking communication system is to support and supplement. Because many of the digital radio services and functions in the analog radio can not. Of course, digital radio interference will be greatly reduced. More importantly, the frequency of utilization of digital radio must be higher than the simulation, this set has two kinds of 12.5kHz and 6.25kHz channel spacing, the former is 2 slot, which is 4 slots. The interval between these two channels are used in the same voice about 4.8Kbps coding, but within the 12.5kHz channel can have two-way voice, voice can pass all the way, another way to transfer data or as a repeater use. Therefore, greater flexibility in channel design, but the way this 12.5kHz TDMA 2 slot utilization of the frequency is lower than 6.25kHz FDMA.

SA575N Suppliers

P510 is the world's first set of navigation and SA575N Suppliers and entertainment features as one of the car portable navigation computer. The first in China to introduce the third generation of high-sensitivity GPS receiver technology, in a variety of complex environments can maintain optimal GPS signal reception status. &# 61548; Location: Songdo International City's main activities Field, Central Park, Pine Island Convensia Convention Center, the future city (TomorrowCity), etc.

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reporter learned that the situation is to industrial concentration, the current anode, cathode, electrolyte have a lot of enterprises to enter the separator, battery management system is basically blank; technology is also the corresponding threshold, the latter two are far higher than the first three links.

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